Kanapott suur, 5l, punane, beež

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NB! As the ceramic products of Emile Henry are hand-glazed, small color defects (air bubbles, thinner/thicker glaze, etc.) are allowed with the category 2 products. These do not affect the properties and performance of the products.

Before you use it for the first time, remove all the labels, if necessary use soft detergent, thereafter wash thoroughly. 
You may use the chicken roaster only in the oven. Do not put the roaster to cooktop or any other source of direct heat. 
Thanks to strong glaze you may use metal utensils without damaging the surface. You may cut chicken in the pot.
If the pot is hot, do not put it on cold surface or into cold water. When you take the pot out from the oven, put it onto neutral surface (wooden base or textile).
If some food has been stuck to the pot, soak it in warm water and vinegar before placing it into dishwasher.

When using the chicken roaster you will cook nice chicken without making your oven dirty.
Cooking preparations.
When preparing the chicken, preheat the oven. Place the chicken in the middle of the pot, peel the vegetables and potatoes, cut these into cubes and place the vegetables around the chicken and put the chicken roaster into the oven.
To get nice and golden chicken skin, remove the lid 5 minutes before finishing cooking. You will not make your oven dirty because the cooking process is already over.

Made in France.

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