Oval stewpot, 29 cm/4.7 l, pomegranate red

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Before using pour milk (or soya milk) onto the bottom so that it would be fully covered. Heat the milk at low temperature to near boiling-point and let it cool down before cleaning, Clean and dry carefully.

You can also heat 1 l of water with 150 g of rice at low temperature for 5 minutes.

You must never heat empty pot, whenever starting cooking put some oil or water into the pot so that it would be covered with liquid.

Always start cooking using low temperatures.

Do not put the pot onto cold surface or cold water, if the pot is hot. After having taken the pot from the oven or cooktop, always put it on neutral surface (wood or textile).

Emile Henry "Flame" products may also be used in the oven (and microwave oven) and on all cooktops (special plate is needed for using it on induction cooktops).

When heating the product expands causing small cracks in the glaze visible with light-coloured products. These cracks are not defects, it proves that the product withstands temperature changes and has long service-life.

This is a hand-made product and it may have minor unevennesses. These are not defects and have no impact on functionality of the product.

Do not use the product on a cooktop with a smaller diamater than that of the pot!

The product withstands temperature up to 450 degrees. Dishwasher safe.

For recipes and hints see: www.emilehenry.com

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