Siphon Coffee Maker


165,83 €

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• Authentic, fully automated immersion vacuum brewing process through precise temperature.
Produces coffee with a lighter body and bright rich flavour with a clean finish at the flip of
a switch.

• Premium glass construction with stainless steel accents.
Showcases the complete brewing process.

• Dual-purpose brewing and pouring lid; and reusable stainless steel and cloth filters.
Versatile and easy to use.

• Large 1 L capacity.
Brewing of up to 8 cups at a time.

• Extra wide neck with magnetic locking seal.
For easy cleaning and operation.

• Secure brew unit stand.
Secure base for the top brew unit once brewing is complete.

Guarantee 2 years.

Data sheet

Width 17 cm
Height 36.2 cm
Depth 22 cm
Weight 2,1 kg
Võimsus 1440 w
Pinge 220-240V
Kaal 1 L
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