SKILLET grill, cast iron 20 cm, red


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For achieving the best results use low or moderate heat. Make sure the bottom of your cookware is of the same diameter as that of the cooktop. This avoids loss of energy and handles getting hot. Preheat the cookware at low temperature for 2-3 minutes; thereafter add some liquid or oil. Use only wooden, plastic or heat resistant nylon kitchen utensils to avoid scratching of enamel. Use potholders to lift the cookware with metal handles. Put the hot cookware on heat-resistant base not on the worktop. When using the cast iron cookware on ceramic or halogen cooktop, never drag it on the cooktop but lift it. Cookware with plastic or metal parts may be put to the oven. Maximum temperature that plastic parts withstand is up to +200 degrees (gas mark 6). Cookware with wooden handle must not be put to the oven. Let the cookware cool down before washing, wash with warm water and rinse. In case more thorough washing is needed, soak it in warm water for 10-15 minutes, use nylon cloth, avoid using abrasive detergents and steel sponges. Dry the cookware immediately after washing. Do not leave it to dry or put it without drying into the cupboard.
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