Damaskus Santoku knife, 32 cm


379,90 €

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  • Overall Length: 32 cm, Blade length: 18 cm
  • For this collection different types of knives and set composition are available. All knives in this series are packed in an elegant gift box made of wood.
  • Material: Damasteel forged special blade steel - 120 layers special steels for exceptional strength and long-lasting sharpness. Stainless and acid-resistant Seamlessly processed handle made of high quality stainless steel Cromargan®.
  • Performance Cut technology: combination of traditional forging method with the latest technology for superior precision and long-lasting sharpness.
  • Ergonomic grip and perfect weight balance of blade and handle for easy handling. Absolute hygienic thanks to seamless construction - no transitions between blade, bolster and handle noticeably. Cleaning blade: Hand wash. - Developed in Germany.
  • As a German brand WMF is known for its versatile stylish range of products and reliability in quality and finish. For over 160 years WMF has been making cooking, dining and drinking a real experience whilst maintaining professional standards and progressing manufacturing technologies.

Performance Cut is the WMF trademark for outstanding and long-lasting sharpness for household knives. The requirements of the relevant standards for sharpness and design life are exceeded two-fold. When creating Performance Cut knives, WMF combines the benefits of traditional forging with the benefits of the latest precision technology. This results in knife blades that are of the highest quality. The outstanding quality of the knife is achieved not only through the traditional forging process, but also an innovative finish to the steel as well as the precise sharpening of the blade at the exact and constant angle using the latest precision technology. 

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