PP küüslaugupress 17.5cm Vaata suuremalt

PP küüslaugupress 17.5cm


47,00 €

Rohkem infot

  • Length: 17.5 cm.
  • Material: Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10 partially matt finish. Rust-free, dishwasher safe, dimensionally stable, sanitary, acid resistant and indestructible.
  • The functional parts are securely cemented into the handle. Includes a practical eyelet for storage on a rack with hooks.
  • It is best to use a garlic press to crush the cloves of garlic so that the active ingredients can be fully effective.
  • Design: Herbert Pfeifer.

The garlic press is a practical tool for handling garlic cloves. Simply remove the skin from the garlic glove, insert in the garlic press and push through. Your hands stay clean and the garlic ends up where it belongs. Crushing with a garlic press releases an enzyme from the garlic which studies have shown to be beneficial for the cardiovascular system in people. You not only save time in the preparation stage, you are also doing something positive for your health. 

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