Teekann+kuumaalus 1,2l


117,00 €

Rohkem infot

  • Content: Teapot including lid, tea strainer and burner | Material: Precious material combination of heat-resistant WMF glass, plastic, silicone and Cromargan® stainless steel |Dimensions: Height: 21.3cm, Volume: 1.2l
  • Practical for tea preparation: The tea can remain in the strainer after brewing. As soon as the press plate is pressed down, tea cannot continue to steep.
  • With this collection, any time of the day is tea time. Add the desired amount of tea from the tea can into the French Tea Press with a tea measuring spoon, pour steaming water onto it and allow the mixture to steep. Next, there are tea cups or
  • The modern design of this collection came from Jan Christian Delfs. Handling is easy. Good to know: All parts can be wonderfully combined with the WMF CoffeeTime collection. The question of “Coffee or tea?” is thereby not a problem
  • Everything is dishwasher safe.
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